How To Keep Mice Away From Your Home?

Have mice invaded your house? You are not unaware that these rodents cause a lot of damage (nests in closets, nibbled and soiled food …) and leave a foul odor behind them. Here are different ways to keep mice away from your home.

Natural Methods To Keep Mice Away From Home

To hunt mice from your home , put on repellents that attack their sense of smell. Indeed, these rodents are particularly sensitive to odors. If you are the victim of an invasion:

  • Sprinkle a small amount of cat litter along the walls of the room where the mice pass regularly. Opt for a particularly odorous litter ;
  • Call or look up your closest Denton pest control if you think the invasion is too much to handle.
  • Place repulsive plants in your homes such as mint, sage or bay leaves;

In the absence of plants, place cotton soaked in essential oils of clary sage, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, garlic or laurel in the rooms of the house.

Banking On Ultrasound

To keep mice away from home without killing them and without using traps, ultrasonic devices are suitable. Powered by batteries, solar powered or plugged into a power outlet, these devices broadcast sounds not perceptible to the human ear. Depending on their frequency, these devices make escape different species of animals. To get the mice out of your home, get a device with a frequency of 10,000 Hz.

Runaway Rodents From Your Attic

Rodents (mice, rats, field mice …) and birds like to take refuge in the attic. These animals are real plagues for habitation. By encrusted in the walls and roofs, they nibble and make noise while digging galleries. They interfere with the excellent insulation of the house. To prevent them, it is necessary to think of the different solutions before beginning the construction. But how to do for attic already developed?