What About Hemp Insulation?

Since hemp naturally repels animals, it is unusual for insulation. As such, it is an additional and practical solution to make rodents flee while avoiding damage to the insulation. If the insulation is not entirely protected and these rodents manage to enter the house, then it becomes necessary to change it.

And The Under-Roof Screen?

A sub-roofing screen perfectly completes the mesh of meshes. It is generally composed of a flexible bituminous sheet (body or rock containing bitumen) or synthetic. This screen to be installed under the cover elements acts as a protective layer between the framework and the roofing material.

The Point On The Mesh Of Meshes

The most adopted solution, the point on the mesh of meshes is presented as the first rampart against the rodents. Thanks to its fine metal mesh plates, it prevents animals from entering the body of the house. As a result, all openings in the building must be protected. It is then necessary to thoroughly inspect your attic before the introduction of this intruder protection.

Take Out!

Similar to natural and gentle methods exist to ward off rats. Among these effective repellents whose smell scares away these pests, we can distinguish sage, pepper, mint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and bay leaves. For more effectiveness, do not hesitate to make mixtures. Place them in the most frequented places so that by dint of swallowing them, the rats end up poisoning themselves. For example, pest control services near me put the lime in a mortar and add sugar. You can also make a mixture of flour and plaster. Know that cola is also a good solution. In any case, get rid of your attics of various objects that will serve as their shelter.

If the proliferation is important their intervention will guarantee the definitive elimination of rodents.